Equinox New Play Festival (2021)

The Equinox New Play Festival is a festival for student written, produced, directed, and designed plays at The University of the Arts. For the 2021 Equinox Festival, which was presented in a digital format, I was the set designer. The theme for the festival this year was “Outside-In,” with the focus of the festival being placed on what happens when a theater process starts with design as its initial inspiration. All four of the plays presented in the festival were responses to a collage and detailed scenic package created by myself based on inspiration that I drew from a selection of curated images by the producers.

Scenic Package

Pump to Pump

This play, set in a gas station, was presented as a video with actors recorded in front of a green screen and then edited onto various backgrounds painted by myself.

Bodies and Bones

This play was presented as a live zoom show. Set in an abstract world, I designed the backgrounds for each character’s zoom box using brown paper that was folded, ripped, and crumpled in different ways for each character.

Berzerk! and Look Up, Canyon

These last two shows of the four show festival were both radio plays that I created supplemental visuals for.