Senior Festival 2021

The Senior Festival at The University of the Arts is an opportunity for senior directing, playwright, and production students to showcase a culmination of all that they have learned in a show that the university produces. The two shows that I set designed for this festival were both student written and student directed shows called Hot Spot, and Getting By With a Little Help From My Friends. I was also the scenic charge for this festival and created stamps to make a leaf-textured floor.

Hot Spot

Hot Spot, written by Amir Gad and directed by Erin Russo, was a horror play about urban legends, myths, and a vengeful homecoming ghost set in a forest located in a little New Jersey town.

Getting By With a Little Help From My Friends

Getting By With a Little Help From My Friends, written and directed by Andrew Miquelli, was an SNL style variety show with prerecorded comedy skits and supplemental live elements including a musical guest and a stand up routine.